The price of each commission is agreed between the lawyer concerned and the client.

Our suggested hourly rate lies around NOK 1,500 to NOK 3,000 + 25% VAT per hour, depending on the nature and complexity of the case. We reserve the right, under special circumstances, to lower the minimum hourly rate or exceed the maximum hourly rate as mentioned above.

The hourly rate employed for a particular commission is determined by the nature and difficulty of the work, the assets and interests the case concerns, the result achieved and so forth.

The hourly rate which is to form the basis for calculating fees for the case is agreed upon acceptance of the commission. Specific expenses relating to the case are charged in addition.

The calculation of time spent is based on a minimum of 15 minutes for each work session on the case.

We wish to specify that no commission is understood to have been accepted before this is confirmed in writing at the commission confirmation.

Criminal cases

In most instances, the court covers fees for defence commissions when a charge has been brought in a case. Further, the court always covers the fees in relation to protective custody. The client normally has to cover fees for legal assistance during police investigation (before a charge is brought). In the event of dismissal of a criminal case, the person formerly charged may request that their legal expenses be refunded by the public authorities.

Free legal assistance/legal aid

In certain types of cases, and under the condition that the client does not have too high an income and/or capital, it may be possible to receive free legal assistance, that is to say the public authorities cover by far the greater part of legal fees/expenses while the client covers a small user charge.